The scourge of the 21st century internet are haters, spammers and scammers. The haters make it inadvisable to have a comment section, because they will fill it with their totally irrelevant bile. The spammers will also target comment sections and they have largely morphed into scammers looking to fool my readers into clicking dodgy links. If I provide you with an email address the haters will mostly stay away, but the spammers and scammers will get their robotic hordes to scan for the email address and then send me emails telling me that my website is hopeless and if I just click this inviting link they will design a wonderful website for me. They are wasting their time as this website is deliberately simplistic, in opposition to the bloat that afflicts most of the modern web. Advert driven websites with pop-up boxes and cookie warnings and graphics flying across the screen are a nightmare for RSI sufferers, so simple rules.

There may be legitimate reasons why you wish to get in touch, such as to request that I add a link that I forgot to add to a quotation or to fix all the typos. COVID-19 has left me with memory and concentration issues, so such problems will be there in spades. Speaking of spades you may want me to dig further into a topic and if you email me I might make that the topic of a future article, or update the article you are asking that I develop further. So for the genuine readers my email address after the @ sign is That is the email domain for all my websites. At present before the @ sign you write rsi. That email address will change from time to time in the cat and mouse game that all website owners have to play with the haters, spammers, and scammers.

I will not reply to any emails, especially those telling me that my website is hopeless, but I will read those messages that look legitimate. To make your email look legitimate put the name of the article you are responding to in the subject line. To the haters any threats of violence or other criminal activity will be reported to the police.