RSI Tech Info

RSI Tech Info is designed to help my fellow RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) sufferers change their software or hardware to make computer use less painful.

Our SIP Linux

This site was previously known as Our SIP Linux, largely because I thought that all the decent RSI domain names had been taken or were being cyber-squatted (someone buys a domain just to get someone else to pay an exorbitant fee to transfer it). The biggest problem with the name was that shortly after I bought the Our SIP Linux domain I began to use Windows more often and realised that Windows 10 is generally RSI friendly nowadays. I also did not like the fact that it would be pronounced Arse Hip Linux in my hometown of London. I was less concerned about technical types thinking that the site was about SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) as the site is squarely aimed at non-technical users of Linux and Windows. I was concerned about the fact that my mild dyslexia had led me to reject the available domain of RSIP Linux because of potential confusion with Raspberry Pi Linux, despite the fact that the confusion would be with RSPI Linux. Our SIP Linux was a spin on the phrase RSI Protective, but I now prefer to use the phrase RSI Friendly. The final impetus to change the domain name was being reminded that Linux is a trademark. Technically domain names are exempt from trademark law, but to avoid any doubt I wanted to remove the term Linux from the domain name. The Our SIP Linux domain name will redirect to until it expires in June 2021, at which point it will probably be taken over by cyber squatters.

Mercia McMahon